See some of the nice words people have to say about us.

Excellent event with novel format
Clive Thompson

It was very informative and a good learning experience. I will definitely be attending any future event.
Nasir Maroof

It was an event that impressed me very positively. It is much more relevant that the traditional seminar where there is little or no interaction between speakers and delegates. This event is most likely the best way to share experience and knowledge.

I would recommend this event to anyone within the industry.
Pedro Duarte

Great mix of people chairing discussions & delegates. Lively discussions enabled by less formal workshop setting.
Andrew Cross

Good mix of short presentations and discussion sessions with an interesting mixed audience.
Angela Vessey

This was a brilliant event. The discussion groups worked wonderfully. It was extremely informative, interesting and engaging. The room was full of very knowledgeable people in a large variety of areas if water quality, all happy to share their knowledge and experience. Looking forward to the next one!
Claire Keel

Very enjoyable event where I have learnt on-going day to day operational issues within healthcare and the importance of correct designs.
Mason Cheung

Very well run but not altogether applicable to what we do.
Carl Gibbon

Have benefited from the like experience from other in the groups and will go away with options to explore.
Ricky Mujaji

A very useful discussion forum.
Adrien Cooper

Good discussion
Jimmy Walker

Interesting workshop learnt more than expected. Found the views of others very useful and to some extent were similar. Product information also very informative.
Nigel Howchin

I found this interactive format in small groups to be enjoyable and informative.
Bob Fairclough

Very interesting format. Have picked up very useful snippets of information. And met lots of old colleagues.
Girish Mistry

Excellent day with very useful sessions.
Neil Edmonds

Great event.
Mark Mason

Interesting day debating with experts from a variety specialities.
Lynne Brookes

I have been fighting waterborne bacterial issues for 2 years. Excellent event
Desmond Weeden

The conference has been very useful, well attended with experts available to offer opinion and advice. The hosts were attentive and friendly throughout the day.
Brian Randall

Useful to meet other like minded people and networking
Carl Palmer

I attended at fairly short notice. A long time ago I used to carry out water risk assessments and today has been really useful. All discussions have been pitched at the right level that I still felt involved.
Mark Rhodes

Very interesting day discussing current, relevant issues around water management.
Michelle Challoner