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The L.E.A.P event was set up in 2013 by the team at Manta Workshops to bring together like minded individuals passionate about water quality. By sharing knowledge, not only with leading authorities in the water industry but also with those ‘on the front line’, L.E.A.P aims to educate and motivate for an improved water quality future. The ethos at Manta Workshops (the organisers of L.E.A.P. events) is simple. Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it.

The Water Quality Forum was set up to share ideas, solutions and strategies about Legionella, Pseudomonas and Water Quality. It was an open forum for infection control, facilities, estates and procurement, that helps industry colleagues pool their collective knowledge.

2017 brings the 4th L.E.A.P event that will be held on Wednesday 21st June at The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Headquarters in Belgravia.

L.E.A.P. 4 has evolved to a central London location at SCI which offers a fantastic set up and we’re confident the guests will find it to be another great event. The auditorium set up will enable us to share more information and annual L.E.A.P. attendees can be confident that the speakers will be available throughout the day with ample Q&A and access available.

The 2017 event will remain true to its source as a water quality event aimed at Legionella and Pseudomonas control.

CPD points and certificates are available for the one day L.E.A.P. 4 event covering waterborne pathogens.

Feedback from previous L.E.A.P event include:

‘This was a brilliant event. The discussion groups worked wonderfully. It was extremely informative, interesting and engaging. The room was full of very knowledgeable people in a large variety of areas of water quality, all happy to share their knowledge and experience. Looking forward to the next one!’

‘Have benefited from the like experience from others in the groups and will go away with options to explore.’

‘Very enjoyable event where I have learned on-going day to day operational issues within healthcare and the importance of correct designs.’

The L.E.A.P 4 Event is now open for bookings. If water quality is a subject that you’re interested in, why not come and join us? We’re confident you’ll find the speakers informative, have ideas to consider and a good networking opportunity with other like minded delegates.

The Earlybird Price is £150pp for NHS and £225 for non-NHS delegates.

Sponsorship packages are also available. Please see the website for details: Manta Workshops

ProEconomy Ltd are a key sponsor of the event and look forward to the announcement and 30 minute presentation of the Masters students from UCL and KCL competing for the Endeavour Awards later in the day. Studies are being carried out on the inactivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa following CuAg Ionisation, the prevention and disruption of mature biofilm using copper and silver ionisation, why silver staining occurs and energy savings. ProEconomy wish them well and look forward to the results. #endeavourawards #Proeconomyltd

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